All pictures were taken on the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with the exception of the Bahama Mockingbird which was taken on Cat Island in the Bahamas. If you like to read more about GTMO Bay's birds, see a checklist of the the species encountered, and see more photos you can click on this link.
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Cuban Tody - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


West-Indian Woodpecker, Cuba
female                             male


Cuban Grassquit, Cuba
male                                           female


                                             Cuban Pewee                                           Red-legged Thrush
                           (notice red and orange color bands)


                   Bahama Mockingbird           Great Lizard-Cuckoo                      Black-cowled Oriole


                                     LaSagra's Flycatcher                                    Cuban Blackbird


                                       Crested Caracara                                                Tawny-shouldered Blackbird

                              Cuban Green Woodpecker                                               Cuban Vireo


                                           Cuban Gnatcatcher                                         Smooth-billed Ani


                                                Oriente Warbler                                                   Cuban Emerald

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